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11.26.07 26 Comments

According to a couple sources, Maggie Q, Timothy Olyphant’s girlfriend in Live Free or Die Hard, is in talks to play Silver Fox in the upcoming Wolverine movie. 

As fans of the X-Men know, a big part of Wolvie’s background involves a love story with a woman known as Silver Fox. The two live in a cabin in the Canadian Rockies until she is eventually killed by Sabretooth. [CinemaBlend

If you’re anything like me, you probably heard that and went, “Wait, her last name is ‘Q’?  I call bullshit.”  And you’d be right.  According to Wikipedia, the Q stands for Quigley, and though she got famous in Hong Kong, she was actually born in the US to a Polish/Irish father and a Vietnamese mother.   

This reminds me of when I saw a black guy with an Asian chick the other night and thought to myself, “C’mon man, now you’re just being greedy.”

It also reminds me of Gary Glitter getting arrested for child molestation in Vietnam.  Can you imagine how many children you’d have to molest to get arrested in Vietnam?  I imagine it’s a lot. 

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