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09.04.09 43 Comments

Yesterday, I posted this Busey gif animation and challenged you to combine it with the “your worst nightmare, butthorn!” clip.  Not only did it lead to a 170+ comment Busey Facts* thread, it unleashed a deluge of other Busey and Busey-related clips, including the one you see above.  That’s right, Butthorn, “Butthorn” was not an isolated incident.  So today’s Friday Free for All will be all Busey.  Join me after the jump for the even better Lil’ Jon-style remix, plus… more!

WHAT?! Lord, I can’t stop laughing. And, as long as I’m in the suggesting-mash-ups business, can we get someone to cut this guy together with the Marky Mark Workout Video? WHAT!?? POW! WHAT?!? POW! WHAT?!? POW! Oh man, this is gonna be so good…

This next one combines the original fractal gif, plus some additional psychedelic flourishes.

Anyway, well done, Drunkards. The Butthorn videos came from Chris and Paul, the other one came from… uh, I think I accidentally deleted the email. Take credit in the comments section. (Sorry).

*Samples: “Gary Busey’s favorite food is macaroni necklaces and cheese.” -Jacktion! “Gary Busey makes guitar fingers whenever he talks about the Wild Fire.” -Michelle07 “Gary Busey refuses to use a fax machine because it steals the paper’s soul.” -Crapbasket

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