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12.16.09 23 Comments

(Girlfriend drag you to a crappy rom-com again?  Never fear, the Bud Light Otter is here!)

Here’s the poster for Gerard Butler’s latest, The Bounty Hunter, co-starring Jennifer Aniston.  It was directed by Andy Tennant, previously of Fool’s Gold, Hitch, Sweet Home Alabama, It Takes Two (starring the Olsen twins and Steve Guttenberg), and The Amy Fisher Story (made for TV).  Andy Tennant the director should not be confused, of course, with Aubrey Tennant, the Last Airpuncher.  That would be like mistaking Jesus for Pol Pot.

I hope the actors got paid in Fool’s Gold!  *Bike horn* *record scratch* *Tiger Woods bangs a cocktail waitress*

[via Yahoo]

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