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10.03.07 14 Comments

Steven Spielberg’s production office on the set of Indiana Jones 4 was robbed recently, and the nerd thief got away with:

…over 2000 production stills, plenty of sensitive paperwork including a complete production budget breakdown, possibly the script from Indiana Jones 4 and multiple computers.

The thief tried to sell the stuff to entertainment websites, but was nabbed in an LAPD sting at the Standard Hotel yesterday afternoon.  FilmDrunk was not one of the sites contacted by the thief, who feared that his bounty would be defiled by badly photoshopped incarnations of birthday dog.

I’m glad that this dangerous dork criminal was brought to justice; we wouldn’t want innocent Angelenos like Britney, Paris, O.J., Robert Blake, and Phil Spector to have to walk around in fear of having their movie set pictures stolen, now would we? 

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