Iron Man & Dirty Dancing & AC/DC

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04.21.10 6 Comments

Robopanda helped kick off the let’s-improve-older-movies-with-Iron-Man-and-AC/DC trend yesterday, with Iron Man punching Hugh Grant in the face. Today it continues, with Iron Man dirty dancing with Patrick Swayze.  Yes, yes, nobody puts Iron Man in a corner and all that.  If it sounds a little gay, it’s not, because there’s AC/DC playing over top of the whole thing.  AC/DC can un-gay anything.  You could be at a mojito bar in Chelsea watching Glee with your a cappella group, but you crank up some AC/DC on a boombox, next thing you know, BOOM!  Tits and whiskey.  I listen to AC/DC while I’m blowing guys, it’s awesome.

[via Jon Favreau’s Twitter]

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