It’s all fun & games until Robert Deniro gets stabbed in the boner

06.25.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

Little Fockers opens at Christmas time and promises to be the most hilarious comedy threequel since Austin Powers: Goldmember.  Last night they released the first trailer.  Here are the jokes it includes, in chronological order:

  • “I can’t wait to see those little Fockers,” says Greg Focker’s mother in law, incorporating the title of the movie in the most realistic manner.
  • Ben Stiller tries to carve the turkey, but he’s not good at manly things because he’s a male nurse, so he cuts himself and squirts blood all over his wife like a bukkake film I once saw.  Haha, blood squirting from a wound.  Classic.
  • “I’m watching you,” (*eye point*)  Haha, remember that joke?  It was really funny, they should repeat it a few more times.
  • Deniro eats all of Ben Stiller’s Viagra, so Ben Stiller has to stab him in the d*ck.
  • Kid sees Deniro getting his d*ck stabbed, screams like Macauley Culkin.

Phew, my sides!  It’s a good thing these broad Hollywood comedies are still doing somebody-accidentally-took-the-wrong-pills jokes, if you ask me, it doesn’t get any better than that.  I just hope this doesn’t interfere with his important business meeting with the Japanese!  I smell hijinks!

[Also available in HD at Apple]

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