So it’s pretty much all Cloverfield all the time out here in the movie blog world.   The video above is from the TED conference (which humbly describes itself as "group of remarkable people that gather to exchange ideas of incalculable value"), in which JJ Abrams describes a “mystery box” which he bought as a child but has never opened.  He’s actually a fairly engaging dude, and I’m second guessing my decision to wish butt cancer on him.  Sort of.

You can also read Harry Knowles of AICN’s review of Cloverfield which, shockingly, describes it as basically the most important thing to happen to the universe since the big bang (or the Jesus Christ Blues Explosion, depending on your religious beliefs).   

Alternately, FilmDrunkard Will sent me this link to a spoiler of just about everything in the film from someone who saw an advance screening, including a question and answer forum. 

I hope everyone checks it out, or sees the movie, or does whatever they need to do in order to get back to exchanging ideas of incalculable value.  Seriously, some of the shit we talk on here is so important that I spill Doritos on my sweatpants from the sheer profundity of it all.  

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