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[Question from the audience]: Avatar is indeed a game-changer.  Do you think you will ever leave your genre-oriented directing and try a movie that is technologically more arresting?

Tarantino: What, just because he did it in 3D?  [laughter] I’ll tell you what would’ve been a game changer as far as I was concerned, if I had seen Avatar before I’d made Kill Bill.  One of the things I was thinking, was when I did Kill Bill, I had these grandiose visions in my head, of the experience of watching the movie, and I actually wanted it to be more like being on a ride.  …I don’t think I did that.  It wasn’t quite the ride I had envisioned at my most grandiose.  And when I saw Avatar, I was like, ‘That’s the ride!’

I think it would’ve been better if he’d just left it at, “What, just because he did it in 3D?”  What kind of prick asks that kind of question, anyway?  You ask Werner Herzog a question like that, he’s liable to carve out your larynx and eat it.  Seriously, I’ve seen him do it.

Tarantino discussing first week of shooting on Reservoir Dogs:

Tarantino talking about a conversation he had with Brian DePalma:

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