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12.09.09 26 Comments

Thank God for Adam Sandler’s pocketbook he didn’t get addicted to making real movies after Funny PeopleTHR reports that Jennifer Aniston is in talks to star opposite Sandler in Pretend Wife, from director Dennis Dugan (Zohan, Chuck & Larry), the extent of whose job is probably to make sure the cameras are there on time before going to his trailer to play XBox while the SNL people make movies.   Pajiba was able to obtain a plot rundown:

“It’s about a commitment-phobic 40-year-old, who pretends to have a wife and kids in order to avoid real relationships. However, he believes he’s found the woman of his dreams in the form of a gorgeous 22-year-old. When she threatens to leave him, however, he’s forced to use his 30-something office manager as a stand-in for his fabricated wife, in order to keep her. Nothing goes as planned, naturally, and he ends up falling for the office manager.”

Yep, it’s basically The Proposal but with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Now, let us all join hands and say grace.   Thank you for the bounty thou hast provided, o God of Terrible Pieces of Sh-t.

*tosses Caroline in the City box set into bonfire, pours out Tequiza*

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