This is the trailer for The Dark Knight, which will be attached to I Am Legend.   Someone who caught an early screening was kind enough to film it using his own butt.

Heath Ledger looks like he’ll be a fun Joker – plus, after Brokeback Mountain we know he’s willing to do gay stuff, and that’s something you want in a Joker.  It also gives us a glimpse of Maggie Gyllenhaal, who replaced Katie Holmes as the assistant DA.  I’d forgotten she was in this, but replacing Katie Holmes was a good move.  Katie Holmes is about as believable as an assistant DA as the guy who hangs out on my corner in a bathrobe is as a judge.  Sentence me to blow you, huh?  Yeah, good one, buddy, you’ve never used that before.

On an unrelated note, why does the bat costume have horns?  Bats don’t have horns, do they?

UPDATE: Yeah, they took the video down. Guess you’ll have to film it with your own butt.  DOUBLE UPDATE:  Game on.

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