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01.16.08 39 Comments

In the action-packed new thriller DOOMSDAY, from writer/director Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers), authorities brutally quarantine a country as it succumbs to fear and chaos when a virus strikes.

The literal walling-off works for three decades—until the dreaded Reaper virus violently resurfaces in a major city. An elite group of specialists, captained by Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra), is urgently dispatched into the still-quarantined country to retrieve a cure by any means necessary.

Shut off from the rest of the world, the unit must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare.

“So, uh, how’s this different from 28 Weeks Later then?  The zombies can grow Mohawks and use chainsaws, you say?  And there’ll be gratuitous butt shots?  Well hell, son, why didn’tcha just say that to begin with? I’ll go get my checkbook.” 

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