The Child’s Name in Over the Top is ‘Mike Hawk.’ Are People Aware of This?

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12.17.10 23 Comments

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Next week on the Frotcast, we’ll be discussing Tron and The Fighter, but in the meantime, we decided to check out the Stallone cheese-truth classic, Over the Top, from 1987, and tell stories about waking up in the drunk tank, and the pantsless hobos fighting over a toilet there.  An apt metaphor for the Frotcast if ever there was one.  We also talked Jack Handey (yes, he’s an actual person), and 2010’s Least Fascinating People.

  • I read from Jack Handey’s awesome and hilarious “My First Day in Hell” (2:30 – 7:30)
  • A DUI story that involves waking up in a drunk tank watching one Hobo taking a dump in the communal toilet, at which point another hobo tries to pee into the same toilet between the pooping hobo’s legs, which makes the pooping hobo angry, at which point a fight between the two pantsless hobos ensues. (15:20 – 18:00)
  • Over the Top (24:00)
  • Another awesome Jack Handey story. (41:00 – 44:00)
  • Mel Gibson finds out Winona Ryder is Jewish, calls her an “oven dodger”. (52:00)
  • Discussing our list of 2010’s Least Fascinating People. (60:00)
  • The Columbia professor who got caught having a consensual sexual relationship with his adult daughter leads me into a story about the time I saw a guest lecture at Columbia by an author who’d written a memoir about having a consensual sexual relationship with her father. (1:11:00)
  • Johnny Depp’s Golden Globe noms, and when was the last time he was in a good movie? (1:14:30)
  • We discuss Jon Favreau, then complain about how evil Disney is, then realize what whiny hipster douches we all are and become sad. (1:19:20)

The Jack Handey stories I read came from here and here.  Check them out, they’re funny. (I’m trying to promote stuff I like here, not steal it).  Drunk on, y’all.  Send your tips, complaints, naked pictures, bits, game ideas, questions, etc. to

This is a hydrax riding a tortoise

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