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Dan in Real Life:
Steve Carell is an advice columnist with a dead wife who finally meets a nice girl, but it’s his brother’s (Dane Cook) fianceé.  It’s been getting decent reviews, but my love of Steve Carell doesn’t outweigh the sense that this is an unfunny Little Miss Sunshine.  OMG look how quirky they are LOL! Plus, you know, Dane Cook.

Your Mom’s Legs:
Seen it.

Saw IV: Let’s put it this way: if you’re at all interested in seeing a Saw movie, it’s probably not going to work out between us. 

In Select Theatres

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead:
Sydney Lumet directs Ethan Hawke and Philip Semen Hoffmore in a movie about robbing your parents store.  I still can’t get Hoffman’s portrayal of the obscene phone caller in Happiness out of my head.  This looks like your best bet this weekend, as far as new movies go (if you can find it). 

So boring I didn’t make it through the trailer.

Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains:
Looks okay, but I’m a documentary whore.  Which is different than the crack variety with which you’re so familiar.

Music Within:
Ron Livingston fights for the rights of the disabled.  I like him, but cripples with rights?  Sounds a little edgy for my tastes.

Rails and Ties:
Clint Eastwood’s hot naked daughter directs a movie with Kevin Bacon it.  

If all else fails, there’s always drinking

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