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02.11.08 236 Comments

In addition to the Bud Light commercial you may have already seen during the Super Bowl, Will Ferrell will be appearing as Jackie Moon in a slew of new ads for Old Spice, “a rare feat for film tie-in partners.”  You can check them out here.

In one of the spots, Moon tells viewers to "cauterize their sweat glands shut" with Pro-Strength; in another, he calls himself a "sweat scientist" and says "perspiration serves no purpose much like the appendix, man nipples or most of the human brain."
Ferrell asked that Old Spice donate his fee for appearing in the spots to the Cancer for College charity, which awards college scholarships to current and former patients.

I’m not going to bash him for being a whore because thirty-second commercials are really the optimum length for this concept.  It’s the two-hour movie that seems like a bad idea.

Then again, have you seen the new bus posters for Semi-Pro?  OMG, his hair’s bigger than the basketball LOL!

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