Burlesque With The Ladies of Sci-Fi

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09.30.10 4 Comments

Devil’s Playground put on a new burlesque show at Bordello, the “Ladies of Sci-Fi Burlesque”, which LAWeekly photographed.  I’m only including some of the Samus Aran pictures because they amuse me.  Confetti cannon!  Here’s the full cast list of the show:

  • Daisy Meadows as Pris from Blade Runner
  • Kitty Cadillac as Aeon Flux
  • Olivia Bellafontaine as Ripley from the Alien series
  • Courtney Cruz as Metroid’s Samus Aran
  • Audrey Deluxe as Barbarella
  • Lux Lacroix as Maria from Metropolis

Next month’s theme is going to be “Scream Queens”, which is coincidentally also the nickname for my all-male Neve Campbell fan (but we don’t like her in that way) club.  I think I just pulled a hammy stretching for that joke.  Anyway, boobs:

[via LAWeekly‘s slideshow (some of the pics are NSFW)]

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