Marvel vs Capcom 3 Game is Epileptastic

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04.21.10 3 Comments

Capcom released an official trailer for the “Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds” game that is still in development (releasing Spring of next year).  It shows some of the the greats from both: Capcom’s Ryu, Morrigan, and Chris Redfield; and Marvel’s Wolverine, Hulk, and Iron Man.  There are also some sihouettes in the beginning a ComicsAlliance pointed out look like Captain America, Deadpool, Dormammu, and Super Skrull.  Yes please.

The trailer is below.  It’s going to have the same engine as “Resident Evil 5” plus it has a “graphic novel in motion” style of animation that made me think I was having a seizure at first.  But it was an awesome seizure.  The kind that starts with a scream of “Hadouken!” and ends with getting a cute paramedic’s number.  It was a good day.  Too bad about all those bystanders I Hadouken’d.

[Via ComicsAlliance, who also have some more background on the rumors surrounding the game.]

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