Transformers 3 Curse Strikes Again

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10.12.10 6 Comments

The third Transformers movie has suffered several setbacks: an extra being critically injured, replacing Megan Fox, being titled Transformers 3: The Dark of The Moon (seriously).  Now there’s been a crash on the Washington, DC set between the yellow Bumblebee Camaro and a police SUV.  Vince covered this yesterday, but now there are videos taken closer to the scene, and I love the smashy like Bay loves explosions and coke-dusted D-cups.

A bomb technician was responding to a suspicious package call and using a different radio channel than the officers securing the film set’s perimeter when he drove onto the set.  The stunt driver in the yellow Camaro didn’t see him in time to get out of the way.  The officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.  The Dark of the Moon is a really stupid subtitle. The Metropolitan Police Department issued a statement that “filming of this movie on closed DC city streets has been suspended until safety procedures can be reviewed.”  Yeah, that probably lasted about ten minutes.

The first video below shows the crash close up, and the second video has the crash and a news report.  Bonus: reporter Shawn Yancy says this is “like something out of a really bad movie”.  Um, did she see the first two?  It isn’t like something out of a really bad movie, is all I’m saying.

[First video via BleedingCool, second video via TheDailyWhat, picture via Julia Segal.]

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