What the Shell? TMNT in Russia is Crazy as Hell

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11.23.10 5 Comments

Were the ninjas in the previous post not quite crazy enough for your druthers?  Well, this is delightfully insane.  It’s a collection of Russian books about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which Geekosystem tipped me off to.  Why is Michelangelo fighting a robot dinosaur?  More apt question: why isn’t every protagonist in every comic fighting a robot dinosaur?
And why is the Predator there? And why is he also re-enacting the Bo Derek beach scene from 10? And when did he get laser eyes?  I’m so confused.  Why is Krang a Bingo caller? Why is Leonardo so stoned? Why is April O’Neil in a strip club?  Why is Michelangelo riding a T-Rex? Probably for the same reason Shredder’s riding a triceratops. Haters gonna hate.
And yes, they’re loading a dinosaur into a plane in the picture to the right. Like ya do.  That’s tame compared to the rest of this gallery:

Hello, new desktop wallpaper.

Like a boss.

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