X-Men: First Class Gets A Riptide

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09.23.10 2 Comments

Uncanny resemblance. Did I say “uncanny”?  I meant “lol wut”.

I know what you’re thinking, do I have to put a shirtless picture of an actor in a casting update?  Yes shut up.  Whatever it takes to make yet another X-Men: First Class casting update mildly interesting.  Seriously, are any of these actors going to have more than one line of dialogue when Fox is done with it?  The film is currently shooting in the UK, and Álex González is now cast as Riptide, an obscure villain who can quickly grow calcium crystals shaped like shurikens on his skin, then spin at superhuman speed spraying bone shurikens everywhere.  He’s great fun at parties.

Here’s a list of confirmed cast members in X-Men: First Class:

[Fotogramas and BlogdeSuperheroes via ONTD]

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