Chance The Rapper Gets Animated In Supa Bwe’s ‘Fool Wit’ It Freestyle’ Video

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
10.05.16 3 Comments

Supa Bwe’s yet another one of those young talents from Chicago who’s worth keeping an eye on. But, first he has to gain some looks and here he is with the video for his Chance The Rapper collab, “Fool wit’ It Freestyle.” The clip’s fully animated by Abel Gray and it features illustrated versions of both Chance and Supa making their way through jungle-like terrain lush with vibrant foliage. The setting perhaps comes inspired by lines from Chano: But now I’m woke, I’m wide awake, LA was the hideaway / Lying in the jungle but you will not take my pride away.” J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League’s Cam O’bi provides the two with the air sounds of a flute, allowing the tandem to navigate their way through using a lot of non sequitur talk that’s nothing if only that it sounds wonderful.

“Fool wit’ It Freestyle” comes from Supa’s Dead Again 3 project, which is available for easy and free listening right here. He’s shown a keen ability for rapping, singing and producing as a former member of Hurt Everybody and on the solo tip. It’s only a matter of time before more people begin keying in on his every move and singing his praises.

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