Taylor Bennett’s ‘Roof Gone’ Video Is A Sultry And Seductive Ride

Senior Music Writer

Earlier this year, Chicago rapper Taylor Bennett unveiled his third mixtape Restoration Of An American Idol. Fast-foward to today and Chance The Rapper’s younger brother has finally dropped the first visuals from that project. Using the song “Roof Gone,” Bennett’s video is a sultry and seductive viewing experience, finding him spitting lines while bathed all in blue and kicked back in a vintage Cadillac.

Just before unveiling Restoration Of An American Idol, Bennett took the brave step of coming out as bisexual on Twitter. In a recent interview with Fader, he talked about what went into that decision and how it impacted the music he tried to make. “It wasn’t about trying to make a statement, it was just about the idea that there’s so many kids on the daily struggle with feeling like they’re different because they might be attracted to a different sex or feeling different,” he said.

“I think there’s a lot of people — especially in the music community, especially in hip-hop — that don’t feel okay with being themselves, that feel like being different is to be wrong. I’ve never shared that belief. My parents and my brother and my friends and anybody that I’ve ever surrounded myself with, we’ve always accepted and respected each other for who we are. That’s something that I want my music to reflect as well.”

You can watch Taylor Bennett’s “Roof Gone” video above and stream his most recent full-length project Restoration Of An American Idol here.

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