Persecuted For Lewd Lyrics, Uncle Luke Calls Out The GOP’s Hypocrisy Over Trump’s Crude Comments

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10.10.16 7 Comments

This is what I have to say about Mr. Trump grab the coochie comments

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Uncle Luke and The 2 Live Crew had the entire nation clutching its pearls when the raunchy Miami hip-hop group had teens singing along to “Me So Horny” back in the late ’80s, early ’90s. The group were vilified for their lewd lyrics by conservatives and were even arrested on obscenity charges in 1990. It was such a big deal back then that record store clerks who sold copies of 2 Live’s As Nasty As They Wanna Be were also arrested and charged with obscenity. Of course, the lyrics don’t seem so bad now compared to what’s heard today, but, again, this was back in the ’90s when the most kids sexual content in nature came from scrambled-screen HBO movies on the late night.

My, have the times changed!

The vilification from 25 years ago is why Uncle Luke is calling out the conservative Republican party for their hypocrisy over Donald Trump’s P*ssygate. Last week, 2005 “locker room banter” between the presidential candidate and Billy Bush leaked with Trump making lewd comments about grabbing women by the “p*ssy.” While loyalists are still standing by their controversial presidential nominee. It’s a perplexing move for Uncle Luke, who says he wants all the millions the “Republican Christian conservatives” cost him when he fought for his first amendment rights.

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