The Most Important Thing We Can All Learn About The STD Lawsuit Against Usher

Hip-Hop Editor

Well, this Usher story is certainly a mess.

But isn’t that what social media does best? In the context of the internet, “messy” is the term most commonly assorted with this kind of “drama,” which pulls people’s private lives into the spotlight, often with a lot of exaggeration. In this case, using the facts we have on hand, we could say that at least three things are unnecessary in this whole situation: 1. Suing someone over an STD, even someone who presumably has cash to burn (sorry) on a settlement, is probably not the best or easiest way to go about resolving such an issue. There’s a reason so much privacy and discretion is built into the testing and reporting procedures at sexual health clinics. 2. Usher’s sexual health — or really that of any celebrity’s — is none of anybody’s business but his own and his partner’s, so all the reaching and speculation being fueled by Twitter and gossip sites isn’t helping the situation, especially considering no one seems to know any actual facts aside from what each side is reporting.

But that’s the nature of the beast, as the saying goes, so here are the details that we know, and most importantly, what we can all learn from these unfortunate happenings in the life of the singer who gave us such hits as “Nice And Slow,” “U Don’t Have To Call,” and “Confessions.”

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