Wiz Khalifa Teams Up With Berner & Sketch For A New Clothing Line Called “Freshko”

04.29.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Wiz Khalifa, one of the rising icons of the music industry along with fellow Taylor Gang member Berner and seasoned clothing veteran Sketch are proud to announce the official launch of FRESHKO. With Wiz always being involved in fashion and Berner gaining experience with his Cookies clothing line, teaming up to form a company and movement was only natural. Additionally, Sketch (Al Freshko) helped developed and design Diamond Supply Co.’s identity with childhood friend Nick Tershay. The roots of FRESHKO run deep with young modern entrepreneurial spirit.

FRESHKO is set to be much more than just a clothing line. “Music, art, graffiti, skating and dancing all fall into the same category,” said Khalifa. “Just like Taylor Gang has always done, the mission of Freshko is to give others a chance to be a part of something while expressing themselves individually through their own respective vision and knowledge.”

FRESHKO’s icon, the elemonkey, symbolizes good luck, fortune, strength, courage, wisdom, intelligence, leadership, and career victory. The circle F represents a solid foundation and solidity, completion, infinite potential, and 360 degrees. The “F” represents fundamentals, focus, freedom, foundation, future, and family.

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