UPDATED! HitFix Exclusive: “Kick-Ass” Images

01.13.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

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So we’ve got a new gallery up on the front page with three brand-new images from “Kick-Ass.”  Good stuff, and I really am excited about this movie, and moreso with each new glimpse at it.

This one’s a look at Damon (Nic Cage) and his daughter Mindy (Chloe Moretz) as they sip hot cocoa and study a mysterious recent purchase of Damon’s.  They are, of course, Hit Girl and Big Daddy when they choose to put on their superhero costumes and go out at night, but part of what makes the work that Cage is doing so much fun on this one is how he plays Damon and Big Daddy as completely different people. 

Damon’s got a Mr. Rogers streak a mile wide, and Big Daddy… well, we’ll get into that when I publish part two of my set visit over at Ain’t It Cool very soon.

You’ll also see an image of Aaron Johnson in full costume as Kick-Ass, and I love the handmade look of everything in the film.  Have you guys been reading about the real-life superheroes that are pretty much exactly the same as this?  Rolling Stone did a great story on them recently you should check out.

That last image is Evan Peters, Clark Duke, and Aaron Johnson at a comic book shop, which is where the idea begins for Johnson’s character, Dave Lizewski, in the first place.

Good stuff, and we’ll have more on it as this year progresses.

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