Is Michael Cera the worst interview in Hollywood?

01.05.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

First off, “Youth in Revolt” is a very entertaining movie.  I had the opportunity to watch it right after the Toronto Film Festival way back at the beginning of October and it’s a sweet, funny and daring comedy that totally deserves to find an audience.  In fact, you can’t argue with The Weinstein Company moving the film from a late Fall release date they weren’t prepared for to an early January opening that should have been less competitive (that was until of this little movie phenomenon called “Avatar”).  Unfortunately, Cera is continuing to show that as talented and personable he is onscreen and off camera, he’s becoming one of the most uninteresting interview subjects in the business.

This is at least the sixth time I’ve seen Cera interact with the media either at a press conference, roundtable or TV interview.  Ironically, the more singular the interview gets the less forthcoming Cera becomes.  It’s not that Cera won’t answer any questions, but his responses are about as interesting as paint drying.  Shoot, “Revolt” was a passion project for Cera who wanted to make it for a number of years.  I even prompt him about that and get a throw away answer in return.  

You can watch the entire edited interview embedded in this story, or watch a larger version here.

What makes matters worse during this particular sit down is Cera is joined by co-star Portia Doubleday who acts like her teeth are being pulled when asked any questions whatsoever.  Still, as you can tell by our edit, she still gave us more to worth with than Cera.


And here’s the crazy thing, Cera is a really nice guy.  He’s down to earth and honest, but he’s just got nothing to say.  It appears Cartoon Network discovered that as well when they stopped by to chat with him the same day.  Instead, their interview became a bit with Cera playing the theme from “Peanuts” cartoons on the piano.  We might request that next time around.

No one is more excited about Cera’s next film “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World” or his role in it than this pundit, but here’s hoping he’s more enthusiastic when he meets the media to promote that one.  Or, at least try to be.

“Youth in Revolt” opens nationwide on Friday and is well worth checking out.

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