Is radio boycotting Chris Brown’s new single? Hear it for yourself here

09.30.09 8 years ago


Less than a year after Brown slapped around girlfriend Rihanna (and while he is still picking up trash alongside a Virginia highway as part of his community service), radio is happily playing his new single, “I Can Transform Ya.”

The track also features Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz.

“The audience loves it, ” Steve Crumbley, operations manager/program director at Greenville, S.C.’s Hot 98.1 tells “The response has been phenomenal. Plus, you have Lil Wayne on it, so you can’t miss.”

“People are loving the single, and they’re excited about the album,” confirms Robin Simone, program director at Cleveland’s WENZ.

So, Brown’s transgressions aside, how is the song? It’s pretty great, and, dare we say, insanely catchy. The tune features an industrial/Middle-Eastern rhythm wrapped around a theme of transformation (Weezy even drops Optimus Prime’s name). Lil Wayne and Swizz Beats get just as much radio time as Brown, who sounds strong here.    

Hear it here. Or, listen to the embed below.

Small note to Brown: We’re know it’s Swizz Beatz delivering the line, but we wonder if it’s smart to include a line like “Then I gotta rip off your dress…” Plus, it’s not so complimentary to a gal to hear you want to transform her into a motorcycle, even if it is a Ducati.

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