My DVD Shelf: Expelled

01.07.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

I completely hated everything about this movie.

Everything.  I hate the title, for god’s sake.  I hate that there is a movement of people so willfully, proudly stupid that the producers of this film actually believed there was a market for it.  I hate Ben Stein’s smarmy, smug, creepy delivery of every “point” in the film.

But mainly, I hate the dishonesty behind something like this.  I’m not a big fan of agitprop in general.  Michael Moore movies have become increasingly unpleasant to me, Morgan Spurlock irritates me, and I’d like to introduce Alex Jones to a bottle of fucking Xanax at this point.  I’m just tired of being yelled at by so-called “documentaries” that are really just commercials for someone else’s particular brand of extremism.  And “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” is an especially heinous example of this subgenre of film, one I would strongly recommend you skip.

And, look, this isn’t about whether or not the film mirrors my own take on evolution or creationism.  I’m not the sort of film viewer who needs to have my own narrow view of the world reinforced by a movie or I think it’s a bad film.  Far from it.  I love to be challenged or provoked, or to have a whole different philosophy introduced to me.  I seek out films or books that I think will force me to clarify my own feelings about a particular subject.  I think the general idea of “intelligent design” isn’t one that has to fly in the face of science, and there is a way to frame the debate that is inclusive.

I could expend the effort to explain to you why “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” is a skin-crawlingly slimy affront to basic human logic, or I could just send you to read Roger Ebert’s review, where he rolls Ben Stein over and powerslams him with every bit of force this movie deserves.

I’ll just point out that anyone who actually equates Auschwitz to the theory of evolution is a dangerous animal who doesn’t belong in the company of decent human beings, and anyone involved in the production of this film is either profoundly dishonest or mentally ill.

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