Nic Cage and Cameron Diaz ready for ‘The Green Hornet’

07.21.09 8 years ago

AP Photo/Evan Agostini/Matt Sayles

Many doubt whether Seth Rogen and director Michel Gondry can make “The Green Hornet” an event movie, but they’re out to prove their detractors wrong.

Even after loosing the iconic Stephen Chow in the role of Kato last week, Variety reports “Hornet” has recruited Nic Cage and Cameron Diaz to join the comic book adaptation.  Ironically, both actors will be appearing at Comic-Con to promote “Kick-Ass” and “The Box,” respectively, later this week.

The trade reports Cage would play a “gangster villain.”  This would be his the third superhero movie for the longtime comic fan after the aforementioned “Kick-Ass” and “Ghost Rider.”

Diaz is said to be playing a reporter and love interest for the mysterious crime fighter The Green Hornet who will be played by Rogen.  Even after becoming impressively svelte, it will be intriguing to see if Rogen call pull off not only a superhero, but a romantic leading man.

Still unclear is who will replace Chow as Hornet’s sidekick Kato.

Rogen will be seen laters this month opposite Adam Sandler in “Funny People.”

Production on “Hornet” is expected to begin sometime this summer for a July  9, 2010 release.

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