Nicole Kidman speaks on ‘Nine,’ ‘The Danish Girl,’ women in Hollywood

11.26.09 8 years ago

Weinstein Company

Not only will musical “Nine” serve up some song and dance for audiences as it”s released in the last weeks of December, but there may be a message for Hollywood to be had about women”s acting roles.

In the forthcoming film, Nicole Kidman plays Claudia, the frequent leading lady in films by director Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis). The two share a poignant moment, when the floundering director struggles to describe Claudia”s ambiguous role as a series of muses in a great Italian man”s life. It’s a premise that mirror’s Guido’s own creative situation and dilemm.

“So I am the women behind the great man?” Kidman”s Claudia asks. “I”d rather be the man.”

“The way [Guido”s] describing it — to be specific in that scene — obviously that [man”s] role sounds far more riveting than all of the other things things he”s presenting to me. In Hollywood,” Kidman says at a press event in New York, ”roles are better for men.”

Then, too, Kidman expanded on her impending performance in 2010″s “The Danish Girl” as Einar Wegener, a man who undergoes a sex change, acting opposite of Gwyneth Paltrow. “I”m about to play a man, so strangely enough, that doesn”t ring true for me,” she laughs.

The 42-year-old actress mentioned there are exceptions to the rules in Hollywood, or even a rewriting of the rules: she cited Angelina Jolie”s role in the 2008 action film “Wanted,” which was a part originally penned for a man. “I wish they”d do that more often,” Kidman says.

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