Song of the Day: Jenny Lewis combines forces with Johnathan Rice on ‘Scissor Runner’

06.22.10 7 years ago

Jenny Lewis has fronted Rilo Kiley, put out a pair of solo efforts (one with the Watson Twins) and now has taken up with another musical project, Jenny And Johnny, with singer/songwriter and boyfriend Jonathan Rice.

While the two have contributed to each other’s musical careers starting in 2006, this album “I’m Having Fun Now” is their first under the simple moniker, with the help of producer Mike Mogis behind them. They’ve now unveiled the first taste of it with free MP3 download “Scissor Runner,” streaming below.

It’s reminiscent of Rogue Wave or New Pornographers, with a pop a ’90s rock feel and a cute trade-off between vocals. The album’s due in August sometime.

The pair have plotted a September tour, and intentionally left Arizona off the list because of its new immigration policy. Like they said, sorry Arizona. They’re also pegged for a couple of high-profile opening dates, with Pavement and also with Belle & Sebastian.

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