‘Transformers 2’ final trailer premieres and ‘Iron Man 2’ first look now

05.01.09 9 years ago 2 Comments

Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios

I know it’s only May 1st, but is there any doubt at all, my fellow movie nerds?  It is summer.

It’s funny how excited I am to see “Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen” at this point.  I didn’t expect to like the original film by Michael Bay… but I did.  And now, looking at the just-released final trailer for the new film, I find myself genuinely excited to see something that looks huge and preposterous and over-the-top.  It looks like 20 times more robot action than the first film, and that means more of what I’m interested in… Giant Robots Breaking Things.  Including each other.

Check out the exclusive debut of the new trailer at Yahoo! Movies now.

Meanwhile, over at USA Today, Paramount has released the first image from the now-shooting set of “Iron Man 2,” and although it’s not a huge spoiler, it’s nice to see Downey back in action as Tony Stark, and to see the suggestion of other suits that have been built in the time between the first film and this one.  I’ve got a portion of the photo running here with this story, but to see the entire image, go check out the original story.

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It’s funny how part of what will make this summer fun will be the glimpses we get of movies that won’t be out until next summer, but isn’t that the way it typically works for movie geeks?  We’re just as much in love with the tease as we are with the final product.  The anticipation and the speculation and everything else… that’s part of the experience.  Of course we hope the final product is going to live up to our expectations, but sometimes, the build-up is more fun than the finished film, and that’s why I think a lot of us have learned to enjoy each step along the way.  Confident moves for both summers by Paramount, and I’m looking forward to seeing that “Transformers” trailer on the biggest screen possible very soon.

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