TMR: Zach Galifianakis Questions Natalie Portman and Nick Fury Onset For ‘Iron Man 2’

05.06.09 8 years ago

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Welcome to The Morning Read.

I can’t believe I’m seeing new Pixar in 3D tonight.  I remember when I was a kid… it took forever from when I would hear about a film to when a film came out.  Maybe it’s because I was rabid about fewer films that it seemed to take so long, or maybe it’s just a symptom of getting older.  A year can disappear in the time it takes me to get out of bed in the morning.  These days, from the moment I hear about a film to the moment I see it, things seems telescoped to the point of absurdity.  I think part of that is because we are so awash in hype that it feels like something’s “done” from the moment it’s announced.  I’m not complaining… I love that directors are actually on Twitter between takes.  It’s a bizarre new world of interaction between filmmaker and audience, and it’s fun to watch it constantly changing.

I wish someone was actually making games for “Blade Runner” or “The Fifth Element” that looked like the samples that Pete ran over at /Film today.  Gorgeous stuff.

RT: @Jon_Favreau Scarlett’s first day on set in the Black Widow outfit. You’ve never heard a crew get so quiet so fast.

I love talking film theory with friends, and really getting into the semantics of it and just spending a whole evening following one topic to another.  Of course, some people just like to watch movies for entertainment and not dig any deeper, and that’s cool.  I would never fault anyone for getting… you know, actual entertainment out of their entertainment products.  But when I want to get film nerdy, it’s good to have friends who can indulge you and who have the vocabulary to really dig into it.  I can think of a handful of friends who will read every word of this Jonathan Rosenbaum article, but I hope each and every one of them sees the link, because they’ll love it.

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God, Zach Galifianakis is a mutant, and I mean that in the best possible sense.  He makes me laugh so hard I wheeze, and I think after “The Hangover,” there’s a chance he’s going to be a mainstream star, which is just too strange to contemplate.  I love his Funny Or Die series “Between Two Ferns,” the most acute roasting of the modern celebrity “interview” that I’ve seen so far.  The one with Jon Hamm was a classic, but the one that just went up featuring Natalie Portman is pretty great in its own right:

Why is it that Portman always seems so game and so charming in stuff like this, but on film, she’s frequently a total stiff?  Puzzling.  I give Zack all props for his “V For Vendetta” question, perhaps the high watermark of entertainment journalism history.

RT @Jon_Favreau Now shooting first scene with Tony Stark and Nick Fury.

Charlie Rose sat down with JJ Abrams.  The results are pretty much just as interesting and worth watching as you’d expect.

Entertainment Weekly’s Dave Karger ran a reaction to my piece about Bradley Cooper as a possible Green Lantern, and he seems to be “correcting” my piece, but it’s like he didn’t really read what I wrote.  All he did is confirm my story.  It’s good to know I was right.  So… thanks, Dave!

So what do you think… good idea?  If you’re a fan, make sure you read our interview with Seth McFarlane that’s on the front page right now.

USA Today scored with a ton of new photos from “Sherlock Holmes,” including the first look at Mark Strong playing Lord Blackwood, the film’s villain.

I’m startled to hear about Marc Rocco’s death, and Kris Tapley did a great job of bringing the story to light.  [I originally wrote Alex had passed, and have since corrected it — DM]

I’ve been reading the excellent new Nick Dawson biography Being Hal Ashby, and it’s amazing how much I didn’t know about this great iconoclastic ’70s director.  The story about the near-making of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” just broke my heart.  I’ll have a full review when I’m done, but I can already tell you it’s absolutely worth picking up a copy for any serious film fan.

As I work this afternoon, I’m watching the new IFC documentary “New World Order,” and what disturbs me most about the conspiracy movement is the deep sadness and anger underneath it all.  There’s little doubt that things are changing, and that’s a scary moment to live through… times of change are always turbulent and painful.  But it helps if we understand the problems before we try to solve them.

RT @leeunkrich Just had an awesome recording session with Joan Cusack as Jessie.

Oh, how cool is that?

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