Reality TV Roundup: ‘The Voice’ grows, ‘Sister Wives’ get a new kid and Snooki gets scared

10.30.11 6 years ago


Welcome to Reality TV Roundup — a quick look at some of the reality TV-centric stories that have recently popped up across the fine, old Interwebs. Click away, my couch potato friends.

Cher did not like “Dancing with the Stars” judges [read: Bruno] calling her son names. And I wouldn’t mess with Cher.
Snooki is afraid to get breast implants. No comment. 
A “Real World” star accuses show producers of filming her being raped with a toothbrush while she was unconscious. 
The ladies of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” all seem to hate one another
The latest member of the Kardashian tribe, Kendall Jenner, is getting a sweet 16 TV special. Of course she is. 
The stars of “Sister Wives” welcomed a seventeenth kid on Wednesday…
If you don’t know who won “Project Runway,” here’s your spoiler.
.. but you knew things couldn’t be too hunky dory for that many kids sharing a handful of parents.
“The Voice” will be supersized for season two. Hopefully they aren’t commenting on Christina Aguilera.
Not that Christina Aguilera doesn’t dream big. She’s open to singing at the Super Bowl.
An “X Factor” scandal. Maybe this will boost the ratings.
Didn’t catch the latest “America’s Next Top Model”? Here’s what you missed. 
The last time Maks on “Dancing with the Stars” apologized, it was to his dying grandmother. So Len will, apparently, have to suck it up.
And so will Maks, given that he broke a toe
The winner of “Project Runway” is nice. Who knew?
Taylor Armstrong of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is doing her best to get over Russell, who committed suicide. Good. Let’s hope she’s eating. 
“Dancing with the Stars” offed another couple. Dancers were insulted. Read about the bloodshed. 
A lot happened on “Survivor” this week. Spare yourself the tension of watching and just read about it.
The sixth season “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky doesn’t hate her fiance. To that we say, um, good.
Nancy Grace’s nip slip upset some people enough for them to complain to the FCC. Seriously?
You know how Simon Cowell said he wanted 20 million viewers to watch “X Factor”? That was “aspirational.” 
Kim Kardashian’s marriage may already be rocky. Wow, shocker.
Recasting “X Factor” already? Poor Steve Jones.
There is a slight chance Rachel Zoe is human. Slight. 
“Top Chef Just Desserts” competitor into kiddie porn? That’s not so sweet.
Read this recap about the latest round of live auditions on “X Factor.” It’s not like you were going to watch it now anyway. 

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