Watch: 3Oh!3 play ‘Starstrukk’ around Katy Perry in new video

10.27.09 8 years ago

Those fun-loving boys in 3Oh!3 have found a new playmate in Katy Perry for  their video for “Starstrukk,” an infectious ditty in the playful vein of the duo”s big hit “Don”t Trust Me.”

Like that platinum-certified single, “Starstrukk” features spoken-word verses and catchy sing-along choruses.

Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte sing about certain female charms (two in particular) that drive them wild, as women, with said assets bouncing, run towards them in a frenzy. It would seem the lasses have fallen under an innocent spell cast when a girl tossed a coin in a fountain. Lots and lots of silicone-enhanced jiggling ensues as the boys can”t believe their luck.

Then Perry baths in the fountain, driving the boys crazy, just as they have been making the good girls go bad. And small wonder… Perry looks sizzling hot splashing around in a leather dress. It”s not easy to look sexy and adorable at the same time, but Perry pulls it off.

Watch until the end to see if Foreman and Motte are the luckiest men in the world or was it all  just a dream.

Although the video contains no movie footage, it is in the trailer “When in Rome,” featuring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. It is also on the soundtrack for the forthcoming comedy.

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