Watch: Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis embrace and battle the ‘Black Swan’

08.17.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

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One of the most intriguing titles in development over the past few years has been Darren Aranofsky’s follow up to “The Wrestler,” the thriller that dances around a supernatural theme, “Black Swan.”

Set in the competitive world of the New York City Ballet, “Swan” finds Natalie Portman playing an up and coming prima ballerina who is suffocating under the pressure and demands of  the company’s artistic director (Vincent Cassell) after she is chosen as the lead in a new production of “Swan Lake.”  Things turn curious and dark when a rival appears in the form of Mila Kunis as Portman’s character begins to have a psychological breakdown.  Oh, and there is one other stunning transformational element, but let’s save that for the end of the trailer.

The picture is already set to open the Venice International Film Festival, where Aranofsky’s “Wrestler” won the Golden Lion, and play the Toronto International Film Festival next month.  The picture is a true awards season contender not just because Aranofsky seems to have be on a roll (and we’re loving, but the preview teases that this might be Portman’s most original and unforced performance in years.  And as for Kunis, it’s wonderful to see the “Book of Eli” star might actually have a meaty cinematic role to sink her teeth (or would that be nails?) into.

Oh, and yes, it appears there is some fine Portman on Kulis action included for those inclined.

Check out the preview for “Black Swan” and share your thoughts below.

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