25 Easy And Funny Halloween Costumes For Couples

Marla Singer and Tyler Durden (Fight Club) by Fuschia Nova and AndyValentine. Photographed by Carlos Adama. [via]

It’s already October, which means it’s time to plan Halloween costumes, buy candy, eat all the candy, then realize it’s already a week away from Halloween and you forgot to get a costume and need to buy more candy oh crap not again. (Just me?)

We’ll be suggesting costumes throughout the month, but first we’d like to share some costume ideas well-suited for couples (and the occasional third wheel). We tried to limit these selections to costumes that won’t take a ridiculous amount of time or expense to put together. It goes without saying, we don’t know if the people pictured here are couples, siblings, friends, lovahs, etc., but these can still serve as a guide for whatever situation fits you.

When you’ve finished checking these out, here are some of our other Halloween costume ideas, and we’ll be updating this list throughout the month:

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