This Rare, Hallucinogenic Honey Is Sold For $166 Per Pound

12.16.16 1 year ago


Dangling off of the edges of treacherous cliffs, Nepalese honey hunters spend their days collecting Himalayan honey. It might seem like they could just collect honey the normal way, but there’s a reason for this death-defying, dare-devil task: this honey is known to have mind-altering qualities.

Fact: People will do literally anything to gather natural products that trip you out.

The second video of National Geographic‘s Explorer series chronicled an average day in life of “The Last Honey Hunter” as he climbs up the sides of cliffs to harvest honey, more than 300 feet off the ground while being attacked by angry bees the whole time. You’d be angry too if someone was constantly sticking his greedy hands into your house and stealing your hard-earned honey.

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