Man Throws 13-Foot Python At Customers Dining At Los Angeles Sushi Bar

03.23.16 2 years ago
yellow python


Living in Los Angeles can be a minefield of FOMO, like when you’re sitting in your room in Pasadena, and it turns out that Beyoncé was performing in the neighborhood that you used to live in. But here’s one case where I’m glad I missed out — when a man throws a python at restaurant patrons in Studio City.

CBS Los Angeles reports that the man was apparently trying to show a smaller snake to customers in the sushi bar. Because who doesn’t want to look at a slithering reptile while they enjoy their unagi or salmon skin roll? When he was asked to take the snake away, the man apparently got mad and thought the best response would be to get revenge by taking out his 13-foot python (not a euphemism) and throwing it at customers.

The man apparently even let delighted kids play with the python in the parking lot before going inside and “yelling obscenities, and then [throwing] the snake down.” Some customers ran out, and the restaurant had to call the police and fire department. Animal Control took the poor python away.

At least the python wasn’t eighteen feet long. Also, this peculiar man spent $200 on a sushi dinner before terrorizing customers with his snake (again, not an euphemism).

You can see footage of the python below:

(Via CBS Los Angeles)

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