If Pizza Vending Machines Are Any Indication, Our Robot Overlords Will Be Pretty Chill

By: 09.22.16


We love to poke fun at Florida for being the most Florida state in the nation — what with their weird criminals and freaky tree-climbing alligators, but right now, we’re actually kind of jealous of them. Because even though they’re seemingly on the brink of being taken over by rapidly-reproducing, sentient vending-machine overlords (which we should have seen coming)…there’s pizza. And lots of it.

The past few weeks, Florida has seen a new explosion in vending machines that dispense hot, fresh pizza on demand — thanks to the Orlando-based company Pizza Touch. Currently, there are three such vending machines in the state, two in Orlando, and one in Lakeland. But Pizza Touch, like any potentially world-domination-driven corporation worth their salt, is planning to expand, bringing at least a hundred more pizza vending machines to convenient locations like hospitals, college campuses, malls, and hotels.

And then? We’re guessing here, but… Our National Parks? The Smithsonian? The moon? None of which is necessarily a terrible thing, because, pizza.

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