Kumail Nanjiani Shared Some Of The Beautiful Stories He’s Heard While Promoting ‘The Big Sick’

07.12.17 2 months ago


Everything you’ve heard about The Big Sick, from the 97 percent Rotten Tomatoes score to the early Oscar buzz, is true: it’s one of the year’s best films (which is particularly impressive because romantic comedies are usually among the year’s worst films). Unfortunately, it’s still in limited release; fortunately, that changes this weekend. “3 weeks ago, we were told the goal was 1,000 screens,” tweeted Kumail Nanjiani, who co-wrote the semi-autobiographical movie with his wife, Emily V. Gordon. “This weekend, we open in over 2,500.”

That was part of a larger Twitter thread, where the Silicon Valley star thanked everyone who’s seen The Big Sick and shared their stories along the way.

We just got back a whirlwind multi-continent tour to promote #TheBigSick. We did interviews, Q&A’s after screenings, ate a lot. I met people I never thought I’d meet. People I’ve been a fan of for decades have been watching the movie & reaching out. I’ve gotten messages from people I look up to that would make a teenage Kumail’s head explode. They make an adult Kumail’s head explode.

He’s been in conversations about interracial couples.

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