Get Ready For ‘The Scorch Trials’ With These ‘Maze Runner’ Facts

09.18.15 2 years ago

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Thought you’d had your fill of dystopic YA film franchises? Nope, not just yet.

While the movie adaptation of James Dashner’s The Maze Runner was received only modestly by critics, the franchise’s second installment still made it to the big screen. Scorch Trials, “phase 2” for our dear ol’ Gladers, hits theaters today – but it’s not too late to catch up.

The final Hunger Games flick is still a few months away and Allegiant isn’t due until next March, so how better to quench your wasteland needs than with a storyline that brings back harsh memories of middle school English (Lord of the Flies, anyone?).

In Maze Runner, if you haven’t yet succumbed to (the fetching) Dylan O’Brien during an HBOGo and chill session (or even just need a refresher), a group of adolescent boys are stranded in a wooded area at the center of a deadly maze. Once a month, a new boy arrives in “the Glade,” along with a box of supplies and no recollection of their previous life. When Thomas (O’Brien) appears in the makeshift community, he challenges the established status quo and immediately begins to search for a way to escape the treacherous maze. Eventually, the group’s first female pops up, pushing the well-oiled faction into dangerous disarray.

So in anticipation of Scorch Trials, we’ve put together some fun facts about director Wes Ball’s first outing.

Blake Cooper (Chuck) bugged Ball on Twitter until he was cast.

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20th Century Fox

Have a Twitter account? Cool, you’re one step close to being a movie star.

After his agent failed to get him an audition, Blake Cooper, who was only 12 at the time Maze Runner began filming, found Ball on Twitter and sent him a message. Fans of the book took notice and began to bug the director to give Cooper a chance, as well. After enough attention, Ball publicly responded and gave the curly-haired pre-teen a chance.

“In the end, Wes took notice and gave me a last-minute opportunity to do a taped audition (from Atlanta where I live),” Cooper told “The rest was history because, from what I heard on set, the moment that the team saw my tape, they knew that I was Chuck.”

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