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Prince (Kind Of) Acknowledges ‘Chappelle’s Show’ In New Song, ‘Breakfast Can Wait’

By 02.05.13

At the end of the single greatest sketch from Chappelle’s Show (sorry, Grantland), after a rousing game of shirts and skins basketball, Prince, as played by Dave Chappelle, makes Charlie Murphy & Co. pancakes. “Pancakes.” And now, just over 10 years since the Comedy Central show premiered, Prince has finally (somewhat) acknowledged the sketch, at least in my mind, in the form of a new song called “Breakfast Can Wait.”

Starfish and coffee, maple syrup and jam can just cool their jets, according to Prince’s new song “Breakfast Can Wait”. The velvet-funk of this new track harkens back more to his Sign ‘O’ the Times days, rather than his blusier debut album days like “Screwdriver” did. You can purchase a download of this song for the bargain price of $0.88 at Prince’s webstore. (Via)

Well, either Chappelle’s Show or Breaking Bad.

Walt Jr., not a fan.

(Via Consequence of Sound)


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