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Here’s A Helpful Musical Map Of Where Your Favorite U.K. Bands Are From

By 03.27.13

Haha, they’re from the U.K., dumb dumb, you might be saying. But where in the United Kingdom specifically? Enter: James Chapman’s musical map of our friends from across the pond. The London bands are obvious — the Clash, Cream, David Bowie, Adele, Amy Winehouse, etc. — but did you know that Slash is from Stoke-on-Tent, or that the Prodigy hail from Braintree? The difference between London and Braintree is like the difference between New Hampshire and Arkansas. I think? Someone should make a map for that next.

But until then, enjoy Chapman’s graphic and rest easy in the knowledge that Black Sabbath and UB40 share a city.

(Via Etsy)


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