Fittingly, The Screening Of A New Ol’ Dirty Bastard Documentary Resulted In Chaos


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A new documentary about the life and times of Russell Jones (aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard, aka Big Baby Jesus, aka Dirt McGirt, aka like 20 other names) titled ODB Dirty: Platinum Edition was scheduled to premiere Friday night at the NuHo Film Festival. Things did not go as planned. Rolling Stone has the full rundown, which features a two and a half hour late start, notable no-shows, stories about ODB showing up to a venue riding on the hood of a cop car, RZA popping up on a projector like the great and powerful Oz and rambling about copyright law and Raekwon ruining the upcoming Wu-Tang reunion album, but I think this paragraph sums things up best.

As an unannounced gentleman clad in a bright green basketball uniform took to the stage and began to tell a long-winded yarn, Kanik interrupted him and announced that the screening could not take place due to the estate of ODB filing a cease and desist order on the documentary. Visibly enraged at the news, Popa Wu screamed at Kanik and demanded that the documentary start. Someone behind the scenes took heed of his words and the documentary began with many wondering whether the cease and desist announcement was some sort of dramatic joke.

As nice as it is that someone wanted to make a documentary about ODB’s life, I think we can all agree that taking an event like this and turning it into a total train wreck is the best possible way to honor his legacy.

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