What Miley Cyrus Wore To James Franco’s Bar Mitzvah Made Jewish Teens Very Happy

10.19.15 2 years ago 7 Comments
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Like most of Hollywood, and the media, and BIG LOX, James Franco is Jewish, at least on his mother’s side. But he never had a bar mitzvah, because he knew, some day, that his stoner buddy and frequent acting partner would throw him one, with all the proceeds going to Hilarity for Charity, which raises awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. “Some day” was Saturday.

Franco became a man at the Hollywood Palladium, with some help from Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren; Rabbi Jeff Goldblum; Zac Efron, who pretended to be Franco’s balls; Haim, covering “Hava Nagila”; auctioneer Bill Hader; and Miley Cyrus, performing with her new band, Miley Cyrustein & The Super Jews. I think the bassist was in my high school’s production of Yentl.

Miley’s outfit set the hearts and loins of Jewish teens everywhere on fire.

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