Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' Gets The Mario Bros. Parody It So Very Much Deserves

Editorial Director

I remember a time not so long ago when we couldn’t go a few hours without typing up something about Lana Del Rey. Ah, those were the stiff, distant, and weird days. The pageviews pretty much clicked themselves. Well, to help close out the week — as well as usher back in our real dad editor-in-chief — here’s a fun Nintendo interpreted version of LDR’s “Video Games” by Jenny Bede. She’s got Lana meets Peach down cold, I think. She’s also somehow transformed the Mario Bros. into the brothers from that movie Brothers, which is in no way like “the indie Step Brothers” should someone try to convince you otherwise.

And if this sort of parody isn’t your thing, yet watching videos on the internet to burn off the rest of your Friday afternoon is, have you met the internet’s new best friend, Awkward Kristin? After the jump.

It’s been a fun week, you guys.

Oh, you’re still here. AWKward.

Video Games via Buzzfeed. Awkward Kristin via Everywhere. Pug busting via.

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