Meme Watch: Fat Axl Rose

By 10.10.11

Last week, we showed you a photo of Axl Rose looking, ugh, husky at the kickoff of a new Guns N’ Roses tour in Europe. The post was widely shared and a quite hilarious comment thread broke out in which commenters had some fun with Guns N’ Roses song names and lyrics by twisting them into fat jokes. It was a ton of mildly offensive, sophomoric fun. (Speaking of UPROXX comments, have you heard that we’re giving away nice prizes merely for commenting on this post?)

So now it appears that the rest of the internet has picked up where the UPROXX commenters left off, taking that now-infamous Fat Axl Rose photo and memeing it with childish fat jokes in the form of Guns N’ Roses song names and lyrics. If you enjoyed the thread on last week’s post, you’ll probably love this. Enjoy.

(HT: Buzzfeed. Slides via Quick Meme and Tumblr)

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