A Complete Rundown Of What Rihanna’s Been Up To Since She Started Rocking Dreads

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Some musicians use their social media accounts merely for publicity: an album drop, a professional headshot, a new music video clip or to tease fans about an upcoming release. Others get more personal, sharing stories about their loved ones or offering their true feelings on a current event. Rihanna does both.

Following a slew of posts that documented her experiences at Paris’ Fashion Week promoting her Fenty x Puma collaboration, the singer, whose fashion sense is at this point unrivaled, debuted a new look on Oct.3, stepping out with long dreadlocks. She debuted the look with a mysterious black and white mirror selfie. She posted this a few days before she and Drake allegedly broke up.

The caption read simply: “buffalo $oldier” — a nod to Bob Marley’s song about black Civil War soldiers:

buffalo $oldier

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The next day, she posted another sultry selfie with her new look:


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And two days later she continued rocking the Rastafarian look, as revealed in these flattering side-by-side photos, taken by paparazzi or event photographers.


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Whatever the reason, lately Rihanna has been spending time with her family, including her niece, Majesty, posting adorable videos of the child as well as taking her to get their nails done:

this child…

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her majesty and I, off to her nail appointment 💅🏽😂

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Then, she threw some obvious shade at her exes . Maybe the new look, and teaching Majesty how to pamper herself at an early age is part of Rihanna’s own processing routine.


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In her next post, Rihanna appears relaxed, pictured goofing off while her mom photobombs the background:

caught mumz Insta-lurkin

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After that, she handed the phone over to Majesty, who is quickly becoming a social media maven:

And then, finally she posted these cute selfies with her dad, Ronald Fenty:

checkin in wit pops! missed you man! #home 👨‍👧

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#FENTY 🕷<— (my rasta emoji)

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Whether she’s single or dating, Rihanna is obviously in good hands, taking care of her family, and vice versa, following her VMA whirlwind. The speech she gave when she accepted her Vanguard Award was obviously heartfelt — now she’s back home relaxing and enjoying the spoils of her hard work. Oh, and her hair has never looked better.

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