Stephen Colbert Sings About Charlene, Again, With Some Help From Jack White


If you’re a Stephen Colbert fan you might recall the stalker-y tune he released a few years back with his band, “Stephen and the Colberts,” titled, “Charlene, I’m Right Behind You.” Well, last night, with the help of Jack White and the Black Belles, one of the bands under the umbrella of White’s Third Man Records, Colbert debuted the hilarious follow-up to that earlier song titled, “Charlene II (I’m Over You).”

According to Vulture, Third Man will make the track available for purchase via iTunes and Colbert and White will be hitting the streets of Manhattan today to sell vinyl copies of the song from the back of a truck. Makes me sort of wish I was still living in New York just to witness the spectacle. Hopefully, the will be no disruptions by deranged old men.


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